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Four tips to secure your bike against theft

Thanks to bicycle leasing, more and more employees are commuting to work by bike. This has seen e-bikes and speed pedelecs grow in popularity, which is something we at o2o can certainly get behind! Unfortunately, more valuable bicycles on the road means more instances of bike theft. Last year, there were over 30,000 reported bike thefts in Belgium. But don’t worry, with our four top tips, we are sure to get you on the right track in preventing your trusty two-wheeler from being stolen!

1. Park your bike strategically

They say ‘home sweet home’ – and the same is true for your bike. If you are at home and you have the option of storing your bicycle indoors, don’t hesitate. The less you put your bike on display outside, the less likely it is that potential thieves will have their eye on it. Plus, by keeping your bike inside, it is less likely to become damaged from exposure to the elements. It’s a win-win!

Not only at home, but also in public places, it is important to think carefully about where you leave your bicycle. Always choose (secure) bike parking facilities over random locations on the street. Going for well-lit, busy public areas also reduces the risk of theft.

Last but not least, never leave your two-wheeler unattended for too long! Make sure never to leave your bike in the same location for more than three days, as this will make it stand out to potential thieves. 

2. A good lock is worth its weight in gold

A no-brainer, but also very important tip for securing your bicycle against theft is to invest in a quality bike lock! There are quite a few good bike locks on the market, from folding locks to chain locks. They really are vital – literally – for your two-wheeler’s safety. Want to really play it safe? Add a second lock to the mix. The mere sight of your bicycle  being so well secured is enough to make any bike thief think twice. 

With o2o lease bicycles, it is mandatory to lease a bike lock of minimum ART 2 or level 10 security rating. Having such a lock should allow you to secure your bike to an external object, such as a pole. Ask your local bike dealer which locks meet these requirements and order them together with your lease package. 

What’s the correct way of securing your bike?

While having a good bike lock will get you a long way, knowing how to secure your bicycle the right way is just as important. Only if your bike is properly anchored, you can claim your theft insurance, even in your own garage. When locking your bike, make sure not to simply pass the lock through the wheel. Instead, prioritise the frame. If possible, have the lock also pass through the rear wheel. This ensures that no one will be able to walk off with your wheels. Conversely, this will also save you the pain of discovering one of those lonely ‘orphan wheels’ you see from time to time, still locked to the pole as a reminder of what’s missing…

Discover even more tips for choosing the right lock and other accessories you can lease along in our Helpcenter.

Secure your bike in the correct way to prevent theft.

3. Don’t forget your accessories

Whether a bike computer (GPS), sturdy panniers or drink bottles, these handy accessories seem to be an increasingly integral part of creating your dream two-wheeler. That being said, such accessories are often easy to detach from your bicycle. While having these on your bike may be practical, they often open the door to opportunist thieves. Because only parts that are permanently attached to your bike are insured against theft. So, make sure you take all accessories with you after locking your bike up. Doing a quick routine check when getting on or off will help minimise any risk of theft

Tip: Riding an e-bike? Best to play it safe and take the battery and control display off your bike. Without their batteries or displays, e-bikes are all of a sudden far less attractive to potential thieves.

4. Use technology: install a bike tracker

Nowadays, we see many track and trace systems installed (mostly) on e-bikes. Such systems equip your bicycle with GPS and Bluetooth technology, allowing you to link it directly to your smartphone, meaning you can always monitor the location of your dream bike. Not only is this useful if your bike gets stolen, but also if you’re struggling remember where you left it in that overcrowded bike rack…

Also remember that your bike’s frame number is what makes it unique, while it is also helpful should you need to report it to the police as stolen. As an o2o cyclist, we will record your frame number in your myo2o Biker account under ‘Your bike(s)’ and ‘Your bike features’, allowing you to always have your frame number on hand should you need it. 

Have you heard of Velopass?
One of the new administrative tools against bike theft is the Velopass, a sticker with a unique QR code affixed to your bicycle, allowing you to enter it onto the national register. This makes it less attractive to potential bike thieves, as it can be easily identified. For more information, just ask your bike dealer.

Help – has your o2o lease bike been stolen?

In that case, our theft insurance will help you get back on track. To claim this insurance, the insurer does ask for some proof: 

  • Your bike must always be secured to an external object, even in your own garage.

  • You must always be able to return two bicycle keys, this proves that your bike was locked.

  • You must report the theft to the police no later than 3 days afterwards.

Can’t present these items? If so, the insurance company may refuse a refund.
Can you show these proofs? Then there’s no need to worry. Once the insurance intervention has been fully completed, the lease contract will end and you will receive a discount coupon from us towards your new lease bicycle. You use this discount coupon within 6 months after the end of your contract. This way, you’ll get back on track with a new lease bicycle and you enjoy a reduced lease price.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our practical Theft Service guide where you will find a complete overview of the most frequently asked questions and additional information about this discount coupon. We also prepared a handy roadmop on how to proceed in case of theft.

Still not sure what to do? Get in touch and we will aim to assist you as soon as possible!

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