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The advantages of bicycle leasing for you as an employer

1. Minimal workload for you

At o2o, we go further than any other (bicycle) leasing company when it comes to unburdening you. Thanks to our user-friendly online tools, we take the administration completely out of your hands. Before, during and after the start-up: we do all the work for you!

2. More pay for the same wage cost

Bicycle leasing is a very interesting addition to the salary package, whereby employees are given the opportunity to lease a bicycle inexpensively through their employer. Thanks to the recovery of the gross salary and the employer contribution, it is a cost-neutral story for the employer.

3. Happy and healthy employees

We all know that cycling is healthy. Whether you choose a hip model or a functional cargo bike, cycling helps you to keep fit. Thanks to bicycle leasing, you get more colleagues cycling, which results in happy employees and less sick leave.

4. Sustainable mobility

Not only is cycling good for your employees' health, it is also good for the environment, with a significant reduction in your CO2 emissions. By offering bicycle leasing, and moving away from a fleet of only company cars, you as an organisation make a nice statement in terms of sustainability.