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As an experienced bicycle dealer, you - like no other - know how to take care of any bicycle. Tinkering with worn gears, repairing blocked brakes or replacing broken spokes? You do it in a jiffy. And do you also call yourself an accomplished specialist in the technical details of bicycles of various kinds and brands? Great! Because we are looking for experts with a passion for cycling…


The benefits of leasing with o2o

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Your passion for cycling, as well as your technical knowledge, is ideal to join the o2o team. And in return you get a lot of benefits: our online tools replace all the annoying paperwork and you get a stable and regular inflow of customers. On top of that, those customers don't have to look at their budget anymore, so odds are they will choose a more expensive bike - which is good for your income. As you can see, there are only advantages!

The advantages

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  • Access to 100,000 employees

  • Carefree administration

  • Fast payment

  • Extra income through maintenance and repairs

  • Connect for free

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