Stromer Speedpedelec

Speed pedelec

Would you rather opt for a speed pedelec?

stromer ST5
Minnen & plussen
You can easily reach up to 45km/h
You will reach your destination smoothly and quickly
A relaxed ride thanks to powerful power assist
With a mid-motor, power is limited
No transport of children under 3 years old
Electric pedal assist up to 45 km/h
With a speed pedelec, you want to get to your destination as smoothly and as quickly as possible, while still making some physical effort. While you can reach up to 45 km/h, that doesn't mean you have to! Want to add some more effort yourself? No problem! Prefer to make as little effort as possible? Your speed pedelec is designed to help you when you need it. Whatever you choose, you are sure to save time and arrive at your destination with ease – and even sweat-free!

Choose the right motor
Electric pedal assist is provided via a mid-frame or rear-wheel motor. And your choice of motor is especially important! If you opt for the mid-frame motor, your power will often be more limited, meaning you will not always be able to reach 45km/h. Rear-wheel motors, on the other hand, are more powerful. Want to cover long distances with maximum assistance? Then be sure to choose a model with sufficient battery capacity. Look at the manufacturer specs, make sure to get proper information from your bike dealer and definitely take a test ride before any purchase.

Safely on the road on a speed pedelec
You must register your speed pedelec with the Department of Vehicle Registration and equip it with a number plate. To ride one, you need a driving licence (minimum type AM) and are obliged to wear an approved helmet (conforming to standard EN1078) that properly protects the temples and back of the head.

Popular speed pedelec brands

Stromer Stromer

The most leased speed pedelec brand at o2o? That title belongs to Stromer! With high-end Swiss engineering, new technologies, digital connectivity and futuristic designs, Stromer offers a clever response to the needs of today's cyclists.

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Klever Klever

Klever wants to provide cycling heroes with a worthy alternative to the car. For example, Klever even has a speed pedelec equipped with turn indicators! These speed pedelecs are also known for their large capacity batteries, with an impressive range of up to 300 kilometres!

Riese Muller Riese & Müller

Speed pedelecs from Riese & Müller offer the highest quality in every detail, always incorporating innovative technology and design.

Aska Aska

The speed pedelecs on offer from ÅSKA are certainly built to last. The brand puts ride comfort first, while not losing sight of safety. These timeless speed pedelecs will give you years of riding pleasure.

Ellio Ellio

At Ellio, you will find the speed pedelec of tomorrow, made 100% according to Belgian expertise. An early adopter or like to stand out? Then you are guaranteed to fall for these futuristic two-wheel drive speed pedelecs.

Trek Trek

Universally renowned cycling brand Trek offers a wide range of speed pedelecs, from lightweight full-carbon road racers or fast commuter bikes to all-round speed pedelecs. So there really is something for everyone.

Norta Norta

Norta is a Belgian bike brand that has stood for pure cycling pleasure, craftsmanship and modern technology for over 90 years.

Gazelle Gazelle

Fast Gazelles – in other words, Gazelle's range of speed pedelecs. The brand has been making bikes for more than 130 years, and today has several speed pedelecs to choose from. These speed pedelecs are affordable and low maintenance.

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