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The secret to happily arriving at the office? Franky spills the tea…


  • Name: Franky
  • Commuting distance: 10 km
  • Type of bike: electric bicycle


The electric bicycle has proven to be the perfect solution for Franky. Since he has been riding his new lease bike, he gets faster to any destination – without any extra effort. On the weekends, he and his wife love to go on relaxing bike rides, of which the beautiful villages of the Zwalm region are their favourite destination.

Tired, but satisfied

Franky is an avid cyclist. He cycles to and from work every day, spins twice a week and even on the weekends you will find him on his trusted bike, looking for beautiful places to discover. The electric bike is his perfect ally: “You get to your destination faster, without having to pedal extra. Nowadays, I use my bicycle more often for longer distances: I always take my electric bike to go to football practice. Truly nothing but advantages!”

Franky really enjoys cycling in the open air. “I like the unique feeling afterwards, of being tired but fully satisfied when you get home. Whether I ride a racing bike, mountain bike or electric bicycle, cycling is most of all a joy and a way of relaxing for me. Next to this, I get an extra breath of fresh air by pedalling to work, so I always start the working day with a clear mind.”

Discovering hidden gems

“My wife bought her electric bicycle a few months ago. She loved it straight away and soon she was climbing every hill in our vicinity. Her enthusiasm was contagious and one thing led to another… Through bicycle leasing I got my own electric bicycle, so I could join her on her cycling trips.

We often go exploring the Flemish Ardennes, especially the beautiful villages in the Zwalm region. And after the effort, relaxation follows, by enjoying a nice refreshment on a cosy terrace. Delicious! Our most beautiful discovery by bike? The picturesque village of Dikkele with an amazing view of the church. From the street below you think, ‘do I really have to get all the way up there? But with our electric bikes it’s a piece of cake!”

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