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Sandra uses her lease bike annually to climb the Mont Ventoux


• Name: Sandra
• Commuting distance: 7 km
• Type of bike: racing bike – Specialized Roubaix Comp


38-year old Sandra got the bike bug thanks to her employer’s o2o lease programme. She is very satisfied with her racing bicycle and takes it with her on her annual tradition to climb the Mont Ventoux with her friend. The feeling of freedom on the descent gives her wings!

Once upon a time… in France

Sandra has always been athletic, but with two small children, it isn’t easy to hop on that racing bike regularly. A new lease bike and a trip to the South of France changed all that: when she met her friend there, they decided to climb the Mont Ventoux together. But not without proper training! They gave each other a year to get into good shape.

A multitude of hours of cycling at a club and 12 months later, the moment had come: on her racing bike, Sandra smoothly rode up France’s most famous mountain. An annual tradition that Sandra looks forward to. This year, she even climbed the Mont Ventoux several times. Hats off – or better said: helmet on – for this tough lady!

Fast, faster, fastest

Cycling in nature is a great experience. “Going down those hills feels like flying.” That freedom and speed make her feel truly alive. Sandra also cycles to work as often as possible – and you’ll find her cycling regularly in her spare time, too. Even bad weather doesn’t stop her from hopping on the pedals: when that happens, she just puts her bike on the rollers in the living room or goes to her spinning class.

“My bike and I, we are truly inseparable. I’ll definitely buy it when the lease expires – and I also want to experiment with a different type.” Maybe she’ll choose an electric bicycle or a speed pedelec, to get ahead even faster. “Because cycling is my great love, uh… after my husband, of course!”

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