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Peter <3 bicycle leasing: ‘My speed pedelec is beneficial for my health and my wallet!’


  • Name: Peter
  • Commuting distance: 20 km
  • Type of bike: speed pedelec


The love for cycling runs in Peter’s veins. On Sundays, he joins a club of cyclists and during the week he rides the speed pedelec to work. He enjoys the beautiful nature during the early or late hours of his trips. Peter has already been able to admire some beautiful animals in the silence of the misty morning twilight.

Instant fan

Peter is convinced of the many advantages cycling to work offers: “It’s not just my health that benefits from it. It also saves me time and earns me an extra penny. Both are great perks!”

Peter chose a speed pedelec because of its agility: you cover fewer kilometres on the internal roads, but you are just as fast as if you had driven the car to work. “I know exactly how long I will be on the road when I leave home in the morning.” Another plus: with the speed pedelec you can easily get ahead when there is a headwind. Needless to say, Peter didn’t hesitate for a second when his employer offered bicycle leasing – and today he has been leasing his favourite bike for three years.

Face to face with nature

Peter thrives on exercise. On the weekends, he goes on relaxing rides with his friends from the cycling club. Cycling to work is therefore an extension of his hobby. Peter regularly works the night shift and in the early hours of the morning he often comes face to face with nature. Once, for instance, a fox with its beautiful russet fluffy tail ran with him through the fields: it was a fan of the fast, lonesome cyclist, who lay bent over his handlebars. Another time, a stately deer stood in the middle of the path and Peter avoided it just in time. Impressive, to say the least!

Peter’s bicycle lease contract is about to expire. One thing is certain: he will again choose a speed pedelec with good lighting, but this time in a trendier colour. That way, he is more visible in the dark and everyone – including the animals – can see him coming from afar.

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