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Discover the new o2o website possibilities

Professional advice, handy online tools and an immaculate assistance for your bicycle plan, no less has been o2o’s ambition over the past years.
From now on o2o puts another step forward.

The last couple of months we have worked hard to get all existing tools under a single roof. We have also invested a lot in still better ease of use and quality. Therefore, we are proud to present to you our renewed website: www.o2o.be

At first sight there is the strikingly fresh look, but also content wise things have been made much clearer, not only for the employer, but for the employee as well. Our website now fits the o2o DNA: a maximum relief for the entire company!

What kind of use can you get out of o2o.be as an employer?

From now on, managing all of your cycling files and the HR data related to them has become much easier. The Fleet & HR tool provides an overall view of all contracts in your company, those running already as well as those ready to be started up. At any time of the day it will allow you to consult the present day situation accurately and to be kept up to date with every single file.

This process being fully automated, payroll data generation and the drawing-up of all necessary documents have become a piece of cake. Obviously, this results in a clear and efficient administration.

On top of all this, via this tool o2o also provides  flyers and communicatietemplates for internal use to inform your employees and make them enthusiastic at each and every step of the process.

And we have good news for the employee as well!

The already existing Myo2o tool has been thoroughly updated and expanded. From now on this tool functions as an all-in-one platform for all your employees; e.g. the strongly simplified ordering procedure is now a step-by-step plan telling your employee exactly what situation he or she is in.

Moreover, the employees can select from the database the bicycle dealer they prefer or even add one of their own. And what about bicycles that don’t get sold via the classical dealer network?  Well, we’ve thought about that too! Online top brands such as Canyon, Cowboy and Ahooga can also be ordered via this tool. Complete freedom of choice so to speak!

For the employees too o2o is resolutely opting for administrative simplification. No more endless searching for all sorts of documents in your mailbox, because from now on all important information is centralised. And this not only goes for the kick-off presentation and the cycling policy; the current ordering status, the calculation of the fiscal advantage and many other extra services can now easily be consulted via our Myo2o tool. In this way your employees are constantly kept up-to-date too.

In summary, there are enough reasons to go and check-out the renewed o2o website for yourself.

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