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The benefits of hitting the road sustainably

Sustainable mobility: the term has never been used as much as today. And rightly so, as it turns out, when we take a look at our roads. Endless traffic jams that have a negative impact not only on the economy and our mood – but also on the environment. It is therefore important to work together – employer as well as employee – to find a way to get to the office sustainably. But what are the main benefits of this for the employee? We sum them up for you.

Flexibility in terms of fringe benefits

One good turn deserves another. And in most cases, that also applies if you decide to leave your car at home. Or, in other words: when you as an employee opt for sustainable mobility, you often get the option of choosing a flexible mobility package in exchange. Did you even know that your employer is often obliged to intervene for the commuting costs of their employee? For example, do you also regularly make use of public transport? Then you can ask for a combination of bicycle allowance & bus or tram pass. Or maybe you still have to take the car sometimes? Then you can ask whether there is a pool car you can use, or whether you can perhaps make use of a company car sharing subscription. 

Nowadays, there are many options that your employer can offer you when you choose sustainable mobility, which are often better and more beneficial than doing everything by car. So make sure you are well-informed, find out what the possibilities are, and ask your employer what they have to offer! 

Flexibility in salary

Next to that, you also have those financial benefits that you enjoy when you decide to leave that car on the driveway. First of all, you save a lot of money: just think of not having to pay for gas and maintenance, for example! Forget about those weekly visits to the gas station – and start thinking of all the fun things you can do with that same budget. And that’s not all, of course, because in some cases you also earn money by choosing sustainably. When you decide to go to work by bike, you also get that coveted bicycle allowance (average of 0.27 euros per km travelled), which in most cases is a nice extra on that pay cheque. So you see: by commuting sustainably, you not only benefit ecologically but also financially! 

Flexibility in your mind

And, finally, we are convinced that going to work sustainably also creates a lot more peace in your mind. And we mean that in several areas! First and foremost, there is of course the financial reassurance that you will have more money at the end of the day. But in addition, you will also experience much less stress because you will be able to happily pass those traffic jams – and will no longer have to get frustrated sitting in the car. In addition, you no longer have to worry about arriving late at work, because with a bicycle you can perfectly determine your own travel time. Or, in other words: your stress level will be reduced to zero, which will make you feel more relaxed and free. And this will also show in your energy level and general satisfaction! 

Want to know more about sustainable mobility and bicycle leasing?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll tell you all about o2o as a reliable partner towards more sustainable mobility – and get you started using all our handy tools. Sounds good? It sure does! 

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