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22.09.2021 - Reading time: 1 min

Future mommy Lucy cycles smoothly through her pregnancy


  • Name: Lucy
  • Commuting distance: 2 km
  • Bike type: Oxford city bike


Lucy is very excited about bicycle leasing. Her bike is the ideal way to get around in the bustling city. She enjoys her daily dose of exercise and arrives at work totally relaxed.

Enchanting places in the city

Lucy only sees practical advantages in going to work with her lease bike: no traffic jams, less time on the road and no trouble finding a parking space. Even now that she is pregnant, she still cycles to work on her trusted bicycle. On the weekends, she uses her bike to go shopping or to get a breath of fresh air in nature. She has been enjoying her lease bike for two years now. “My old bicycle needed replacing. Thanks to bicycle leasing, I exchanged it for a sturdier type.”

Lucy has the luxury of being able to choose between different routes to work. “I take the fast route if I’m short on time or when the weather is bad. If the sun is shining, I choose the longer route past beautiful spots: taking in the peace and quiet of the water before I start my busy working day.”

vrouw op stadsfiets

Even future mommies need their exercise

Lucy prefers cycling to walking. “On a bicycle you go faster and hereby are able to make bigger trips. I like to discover new places and enjoy the beautiful views along the way.” As a mum-to-be, Lucy takes her bike very often because regular exercise during pregnancy ensures fewer typical ailments and a smoother recovery after giving birth.

“By cycling, I get my daily exercise while riding through my favourite city. Cycling, for me, is relaxing and a fun way to exercise. During the lockdown, my daily cycling trip was ruined by non-stop homework. How I missed that! I compensated for that by going out on my bike at the weekend and exploring the area.”

She is already looking forward to trying out a new bicycle soon. One that will allow her and her future sprout to set off safely and comfortably. Electric or not, with or without a bicycle trailer: there are plenty of possibilities if you choose o2o bicycle leasing!

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