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Four good reasons to work on a bicycle policy

Cycling is ‘in’. Tempted surfing on this fresh wave as an employer? Then get started working on a sound cycling policy. To the benefit of your organisation, your employees and the environment.

A good cycling policy will encourage both your management and your employees to cycle more often. I.e. you can introduce company bicycles as an alternative wage advantage, or invest in extra infrastructure on the company premises, such as a safe bicycle shelter and shower rooms. Such actions create a solid cycling culture in your organisation and offer your employees a nice extra. As an employer too you can get some valuable returns. Still in doubt whether a cycling policy is interesting for your organisation? Let us just summarize the benefits for you.

A bicycle policy is fiscally interesting

In order to relieve our roads and reduce air pollution, our government encourages cycling. Companies that encourage their employees to commute by bike enjoy a number of interesting tax benefits:

Bicycle allowances are 100% tax-deductible and exempt from tax

The amount paid to your employee as a bicycle allowance is 100% tax-deductible, which reduces your operating profit and the corporation tax applied to it. In addition, the bicycle allowance is a non-taxable income for the employee, exempt from taxes up to 0.23 cents/km.

Infrastructure costs are 120% tax deductible

In case your cycling policy involves extra facilities to encourage commuting by bike, such as bicycle shelters, dressing rooms and showering facilities? Then you can count on an extra push in the back. The government wants to encourage these interventions by making the costs related 120% tax-deductible.

No employer’s contribution, social security contribution or payroll tax on benefits in kind

If your employee receives a company bicycle, this is not considered as a benefit in kind. In other words, the company bicycle is fiscally exempt for the employee on the sole condition that the company bicycle is used for commuting.

A bicycle policy keeps talent on board

Working on your cycling policy gives your employer brand a sustainable boost. Your organisation becomes more attractive for new talent. And it makes your existing employees happy as well. Keep in mind also the generally growing interest in flexible pay, where employees have a greater say in putting their wage package together. Choosing a mobility solution of your own is an important part of this.

If you decide to offer your employees the opportunity to purchase a bicycle at an extra advantageous price, this will obviously lead to even greater appreciation. In your nature of employer, you can buy (or lease) bicycles much cheaper than through an individual purchase. Those dreaming of an expensive racing bike or an electric bicycle trailer for transporting their  children, might suddenly see their dream come true, thanks to you as their employer.

By helping everyone in your organisation to get a quality bicycle, you show that cycling mobility is really important to you as their employer. A good bike also provides more cycling fun. And let this be the ultimate way to get more people on their bikes. Because, look in the mirror, would you like to cycle on an old rattling cart?

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With a successful cycling policy you create a positive working atmosphere

Losing time every morning and evening in traffic jams… It’s not really making your employees any happier. Going to work by bike takes away a lot of that stress. A daily dose of physical exercise also has a positive impact on people’s fitness and health. It simply makes your employees happier. They don’t have to spend any more time or money on fitness rooms, because they already have their daily dose by commuting. Cycling can also bring your employees closer together, and close the gap between workers and employees. Cycling together is an excellent way to turn your colleagues into friends. And finally, it also helps making your mind free after a busy day at work, and preparing for yet another day at 100% !

The benefit for you as an employer? Cycling employees have a positive attitude, are ill less frequently, create a productive working atmosphere and get better results!

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A bicycle policy gives your image a sustainable boost

We are facing major economic and social challenges in the areas of the environment and mobility. The structural traffic jams in Flanders are the worst in the world and the traffic density keeps increasing. The way in which we use our car has a negative impact on the environment.

By setting up a sound cycling policy, you are basically contributing to a better world. Companies and brands are also more highly appreciated if they contribute to solving social challenges. Many stakeholders appreciate this commitment. You can e.g. indicate how many tons of CO2 you are saving because your employees let their car in favour of their bicycle. Therefore, a successful cycling policy is an important pillar for corporate social responsibility, and who isn’t in favour of that…

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