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Don’t agree with the current fuel prices? Then simply change pumps.

You have probably already read it in the media or felt it at the gas station: the fuel prices have never been as high as today. And those all-time highs? According to experts, they may continue to rise in the coming weeks or months. Uncertain times for those who are regularly on the road, and for many even a reason to leave their cars at home. That is why many are looking for salvation in alternative means of transport: from carpooling to public transport to… getting that bike out from underneath the dust. And we can, of course, agree with the latter. We tell you how that bike will not only save you money, but also make you money!

#1 You don’t have to spend money on fuel

Let’s start with the most obvious advantage of the bicycle: its usage is free. You don’t have to fill up every month and spend fortunes on fuel, which means you’ll save a serious amount of money every month while cycling. The only thing your bike needs are your legs – or a plug when you ride electric. Either way, it’s much cheaper than getting into a car every day. Useful tip: put the budget you would normally spend on fuel into a savings account each month. At the end of the year, you’re guaranteed to have saved up a nice sum to spend on something fun to do. 

#2 You earn money per kilometre

Can you apply for a bicycle allowance at work? Great! Because this means that you can earn up to 0.27 euro per kilometre cycled. Just like that! This allowance is tax free, so this is money that goes directly into your wallet. Bicycle allowance is a popular fringe benefit, both for employer and employee: so there is a good chance that you can make use of it when you ask about it. So, there you have it: cycling to work is not only money-saving, but also brings in extra pennies at the end of each month. Biking has nothing but benefits, you say? Ab-so-lu-tely. 

#3 Forget about expensive maintenance and insurance costs: o2o will take care of that

Every car owner knows: having your own car is extremely expensive. Forget about the purchase price and the monthly fuel budget, because these are certainly not the only things to take into account. You also have to pay annual road tax, take parking fees into account, save up for unexpected costs when something breaks down or after an accident, make sure you have enough money for annual maintenance and still have to scrape together the money that the insurance will be waiting for. Research has shown that a car costs on average 300 euros a month (or more, depending on the number of kilometres you drive). 

When the bicycle is your first choice of means of transport, it’s a completely different story. The cost of your two-wheeler is generally much lower, but that’s not all. Because when you opt for a bike lease from o2o, we also take care of your maintenance and insurance. This way, you can always be sure of the best service, without any hassle or worry. On top of that, you save up to 40% on the purchase price thanks to the tax advantage. What a deal!

#4 You gain time by spending less time in traffic – and time is money

Anyone who commutes by car is familiar with the frustrating rush hour traffic jams. If you’re unlucky, you might find yourself in traffic twice a day, wasting at least two hours of your time. And imagine what you could do with two extra hours in a day: spend more time with your family, enjoy that last summer sun in the garden, start a new hobby or simply get more rest. These are all things that can give you more freedom and reduce stress. When you cycle to work, you whizz past that traffic jam – and arrive at your destination, whether it’s your office or your home, feeling happy and stress-free. 

#5 Cycling makes for a healthy body and fewer complaints

Finally, we must also talk about the indirect financial gains you will enjoy if you cycle more often. It has been proven that regular cycling brings numerous health benefits. It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it has a positive effect on your blood – and your arteries become more flexible and stronger, which makes them less prone to clogging. Cycling also has a positive effect on reducing stress-related complaints: after all, when you cycle, you produce endorphins and serotonin, which make you feel happier.

So cycling has many benefits for your head and body. But what does this have to do with financial progress, you ask? Simple: if your body and head are healthier, you will have to make fewer visits to the doctor – and spend less money on medication. A healthy body costs no money – and by cycling regularly, you ensure a healthy body. Win-win! 

Convinced of all the advantages of bicycle leasing?

Or, in other words: are you ready not only to start saving money, but also to start earning some extra cash? That’s great! Make an appointment at o2o for more information on bike leasing and how you can integrate it into your organisation. We’ll gladly do the hard work, so you only have to do one thing afterwards: pedal and cash. Sounds good, right? 

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