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10.08.2021 - Stefanie Van Trappen - Reading time: 2 min

A flourishing cycling culture at BOSS paints in Waregem

At BOSS paints in Waregem they attach great importance to a sustainable cycling policy. There is certainly no lack of enthusiasm. The many initiatives stimulate an active cycling culture: from an original loyalty points system to an extensive test event and an annual competition. Els Heynssens (environmental coach) took the initiative and has been a cycling fan from the very beginning.

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“Test that bicycle”

Before 2015, BOSS paints didn’t do that much around bicycle mobility. A bicycle allowance and free bicycle maintenance twice a year for those who cycled to work at least one day a week. A test event brought change. The employees tested a bicycle for 3 weeks. What turned out? The interest was big. So big that Els hired extra types to allow all interested people to test a model. The electric bicycle was very popular and shook off the ‘only suitable for old people’ image. Especially for employees who live some distance away, an electric bicycle is ideal. No more sweaty arrivals at work or losing time in traffic jams.

Extra tip from Els: “When choosing a new bicycle, I recommend to try out as many models as possible. From an electric bicycle or a speed pedelec to a cargo bicycle or a sporty model. A bicycle is something personal and should fit well. So testing is the message! 

The ‘wheels’ are spinning at full speed

New initiatives come easily to creative brain Els. She came up with the idea of setting up their own bicycle loyalty points system, linked to the database for registering cycling days. There is even a personal bicycle currency or ‘wheels’.

How does this saving system work exactly? You earn one point per cycled day. And not only the number of days cycled, but also the distance counts. Once a certain number of points or ‘wheels’ have been accumulated, the employee exchanges them for free bicycle maintenance or a voucher at a cool sports shop. This way, they give themselves or their bicycle an extra treat. Because they deserve it!

“Anyone in for a sprint?”

To increase the competition and the number of cyclists, BOSS paints organises a real competition. Twice a year there is a Mobility Week. In spring and in September, the cycling months par excellence. You earn double ‘wheels’ in this period. There is a competition and tombola with an extra day off as the main prize. “This extra holiday is particularly popular,” says Els enthusiastically. Anyone who thinks that employees with a company car fall out off the wagon is wrong. Because they also involve these employees in their story. Every day that they leave their car in the garage and come to work by bicycle, they earn a point and a limited bicycle allowance. Because every cyclist and sustainable kilometer counts.

Enthusiastic cycling culture

All these stimulating actions give the cycling culture an enormous boost. At BOSS paints, they have an average of 60 cyclists per month. In summer this is even 80-90 out of a total of 260 employees. Applause for this beautiful result!

BOSS paints already completed a nice course. A textbook example of how enthusiastic initiatives and a positive spirit lead to a thriving cycling culture!


Stimulate the cycling culture in your organisation

Inspired by the story of BOSS paints? Do you also want more employees to cycle? Together with Customer Success manager Jeroen, the cycling culture in your organization shifts up a gear.

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