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A brandnew logo for o2o

When in 2008 the Floré brothers, Koen and Wim, were fixing together their own first speedbike, they had never thought that today they would be running their own company. Over the years, o2o has grown to become an innovative provider of bicycle leasing services to companies, with their own digital o2o platform as major spearhead. The mobility sector is changing fast and o2o holds a lead position in the bicycle leasing segment. That’s why it is proud to launch its new logo: dynamic as a professional racing cyclist, strong as the carbon fiber of a bicycle frame.


o2o company bike lease logo launch (2020)

o2o in a nutshell

Today, o2o stands for innovation, freedom of choice and technical excellence. With its renewed digital platform, o2o has succeeded in throwing a bridge between employers, employees, bicycle dealers and flexible income partners. Everyone involved in bicycle leasing has access to the global digital o2o platform via his own online tool. In this way everybody is kept up-to-date at all times and working together to get bicycle leasing implemented successfully

The development of these online tools is a true milestone in the company’s history. Huge companies such as Brussels Airport, Volvo, Nokia, Combell, etc. have consciously opted for going along with the digital o2o platform. And successfully so. Since its foundation, o2o has built a portfolio of some 250 customers, which makes that today more than 70,000 collaborators have access to an o2o leased bike.

“o2o, closer to the user” – We have developed a platform for which everybody can use its own tailormade online tool. And that’s fantastic: no superfluous information, no switch or button too many! Bicycle leasing really has never been more easy.” – Nicky, programmeur


These positive figures have led to a constant growth of our customer portfolio, to new partnerships and an o2o team that keep growing. But despite these many changes, o2o stays loyal to its roots. After all these years, the original mission of the two founding brothers, Koen and Wim Floré, is still standing for the whole company: offer a fully-fledged mobility solution by getting more employees on their bikes.

Koen Floré: “It is always nice to see how, after all these years and with an ever-growing team, we have an impact on our mobility. Although having been around for a while already, it still feels as if we have only just begun. There are new dynamics in our society and it’s all about mobility. And our new logo must expressly show that we are ready for this.”

All these elements together make o2o an effervescent source of new ideas which is ready for the future. The new logo is the most recent example or expression of this.

 What does the new logo stand for?

The cyclist takes pride of place in the new logo. The design of the “o2o” company name has been developed so to give body to the “employee on the bike”. The digital o2o platform is the basis for enabling each employee to cycle freed from any worry. And also, because o2o focusses on employees from companies, the logo can be seen from a business angle: B2B, Business to Business, Operation2Operation.

But the separate elements making the o2o bicycle as a whole also have their meaning. The two wheels stand for the two brothers, Koen en Wim Floré, who are still enthusiastically steering the company. And finally, one recognizes the chemical element “oxygen”. O2 is the oxygen for the company, because the more people commute by bike, the more oxygen there is for all of us!

“Multimodal is the new normal” – Over the last couple of years, the idea of everyone having its own automobile has really lost ground in my hometown Ghent. When we need a car, we “share” one, like many citizens do. Which results in less traffic jams, and I love it! Our garage has turned into a bikes stall. It is nice to be part of a company that has a mission everyone benefits from! – Sarah F, Engagement manager

Why a new logo?

With the launch of the new o2o digital platform, o2o has shifted up a couple of gears. The complex processes that come along with flexible pay are made easy thanks to our online tools. We wanted to find back his positive progression and dynamism in our logo. The new logo’s launch goes alongside with the new update of the  digitale o2o platform. From now on, the user can benefit from the three tailormade online tools via the “myo2o” environment.

  • myo2o Biker: online tool for each collaborator
  • myo2o Fleet & HR: online tool for the employer, HR manager, Fleet manager
  • myo2o Bike Dealer: online tool for each bicycle dealer

Ready for tomorrow

With the launch of the new logo, o2o makes clear to the outside world that it is ready for the future. For as far as we know, alternative mobility will play an important role in that future. Do you want to start up sustainable mobility in your company too? Then join the  o2o webinar on Friday 15 May 2020 at 11.30hrs. This webinar will be in Dutch.

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