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7 tips for overcoming stressful traffic jams

Research has shown that stressful commuting causes increased stress in the workplace. To be clear, this increased stress is not related to the kilometres commuted, but rather to the mental strain this distance imposes. For example, commuters often experience frustration and uncertainty on the road because they don’t know whether they will make it to the office on time. This causes them to arrive at work stressed out, which they then carry with them for the rest of the day. Not good for the overall vibe at work, but it also contributes to the overall feeling of fatigue at the end of the workday.

To counteract this, we offer a few tips to minimise or even eliminate traffic jam stress.

#1 Schedule your meetings differently

We often schedule meetings as the first task of the day. Not surprising really: this is when we are at our most awake and when we are still brimming with energy and creativity. And although this is true, it can also cause a lot of stress: after all, that traffic jam is unpredictable and can cause you to miss the start of your meeting. Not a nice way to start your day!

So take your colleagues’ commute into account and schedule those morning meetings half an hour later than usual. Your colleagues will thank you! 

#2 Create a superior ‘on the road’ playlist 

There are few things that stimulate our brains like good music does. That one little tune we love so much? That lights up our brain like a Christmas tree. So it’s a good idea to keep yourself busy compiling the ultimate playlist to put on in the car. Singing along loudly to your favourite song during rush hour? There are worse things… 

And aren’t you in the mood for music, but you do want to be distracted? Then listening to a great podcast or a compelling audiobook is always a good idea. 

#3 Handsfree phone calls

Always busy? Then it might be a good idea to use that downtime in the car to take care of some practical matters. Perhaps you can conduct that one meeting by telephone – or perhaps you still need to call a number of customers to keep them informed about a project? You can arrange all of these things – handsfree, of course – from the car. Now that’s called combining the unpleasant with the useful! 

#4 Find yourself a carpool buddy 

Time flies in the company of a buddy – and that’s especially true when it comes to travel time. Therefore, ask around in the company if one of your colleagues lives nearby. Suggest carpooling and thus share the traffic jams (and gasoline costs!). A pleasant chat in the car does a lot to counteract frustration – and in the same way, makes for a great start to the working day. 

#5 Work from home

It’s almost become the norm since the many lockdowns due to Covid-19, so why not use it to get rid of that pesky traffic jam stress? To the extent your business allows, schedule a few days a week to work from home when you can just leave that car on the driveway. It will reduce a lot of stress and frustration in your week, make working at the office all the more fun when it does happen – and bring your fuel costs down.

#6 Leave before or after rush hours

Do you work with flexible working hours? Then it’s a smart idea to leave before or after rush hour. By working at home first and only leaving for the office around ten or ten thirty, you can avoid the worst of the traffic jams and get to work much faster. Less stress and less time on the road: that’s what we want!

#7 Leave that car at home and go by bike! 

And then of course, the best tip of them all: leave the car at home and take the bike to work. Not only does this provide a nice extra penny at the end of the ride via a mileage allowance, it also ensures that you can whiz past all those traffic jams. And with our o2o bicycle leasing there are a lot of extra benefits on top of that. Contact us if you want to know more about this!


Opt for o2o bike leasing and avoid traffic jam stress

Ready to send your employees on the road without any traffic stress? Contact us for more information on bike leasing as an extralegal benefit. We’ll tell you everything you need to know so that you can get started. See you soon? 

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