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5 good reasons to commute by bike

In summertime, people often go to work by bike. And it is indeed advantageous to do so. There are still too many people that prefer taking their car, although the distance isn’t that long. Learn hereunder about the five major advantages of cycling.


No traffic jams for you

An accident, road works, … When you are in your car you can never be sure about your time of arrival, resulting in quite some stress even before your working-day has started. Just think of a hot summer day, you sitting in an even hotter car watching bikers passing by whilst getting a nice tan and getting home more quickly for their well deserved aperitif.

Cycle your worries away

A sound mind in a sound body is not just a tale like that. If you take your bike to go to work, you will start your day with a clear head. Research has found out that only half an hour of physical efforts every day results in less tiredness and more energy. Moreover, cycling helps to prevent feeling depressed.

Burn calories instead of fuel

Even when cycling to work at an easy pace of 16 kilometers/hour, you will burn some 240 to 280 calories per hour, depending on how much you weigh. So if you want to get lost of some extra weight, or get rid of that guilty feeling when drinking a glass of wine, or a nice aperitif, or eating a piece of pastry …

 You will sleep better

In a result driven society leading to a lot of stress, one has often difficulties to relax in the evening, or to fall asleep easily. It seems that the fitter people are, the easier they sleep. By biking to work you will get fitter and hence improve the quality of your rest at night. As a result, you will feel fitter the next day.

A car is costing money, biking makes you earn money

Ever increasing petrol prices, costly car maintenance, insurance, … a car obviously takes away quite a part of your budget. Driving a car is much more expensive than cycling. Cycling can even make you earn money thanks to the cycling allowance that is being offered by an increasing number of employers. Next to the cycling allowance, employers also offer company bikes by means of a leasing formula. If you get the chance, take it!


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