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The 2019 Belgian bicycle market overview

Last week, at the occasion of Velofollies, the biggest bicycle fair in Flanders, TRAXIO VELO has published its findings on the 2019 Belgian bicycle market. What type of bike is the most popular? What age category buys the most bikes? What about the speed pedelecs situation in Belgium? You can find the answer to all these questions and the report’s most important findings in this blogpost.

The Belgian bicycle market overview

“Thanks to the cooperation between Velofollies, Shimano and TRAXIO VELO, a better understanding of the Belgian bicycle market is now available. There are no exact figures because only speed pedelecs must be registered. Thanks to an inquiry with 1,670 bicycle dealers, information gathered from suppliers and the registration figures coming from the DIV (FOD Mobility), we get a clear view of the Belgian bicycle market in 2019,” says Traxio Velo.

Belgian figures

The sales figures for the number of bikes sold remains stable. “Each year 470,000 bicycles are sold in Belgium,” says Lieven Bisschop of Shimano. Of all bikes sold no less than 51% are electric. The remaining 49% are mechanical bikes.

  • Electric bikes: 47,4%
  • Speed pedelecs: 3,5%
  • City bikes: 17%
  • MTB: 9,9%
  • Racing bikes: 9,4%
  • Others: 12,8%

Last year at o2o’s too the classical electric bike was the most popular: a large 50% of all employees choose an e-bike. The share of speed pedelecs represented no less than 24.3% of all o2o leased bikes, whereas the current mechanical bikes had a share of 25%. Last year, 13,416 speed pedelecs were sold in Belgium, of which 36% via bicycle leasing.

In the province of Antwerp speed pedelecs are the most popular with 4,066 units sold. Flemish Brabant follows with 2,962 bikes before Eastern Flanders with 2,881 units sold. The award for the fastest growing region goes to Brussels, with a growth of no less than 285% for the speed pedelecs. Limbourg follows at somewhat of a distance with a growth of 89% compared to2018.

A remarkable phenomenon concerns the distribution of the electric bicycles sold per age category. In recent tearsn the e-bike was especially popular with the category of people at the age of 50 to 60 years old, using their bike mainly for recreation purposes. In 2019 there was a noticeable growth in sales of electric bikes in the category of 40 to 50 year old people. This means that there is a growing number of people using their bike for commuting. Both age categories together total up no less than 75% of all e-bikes sold.

The ladies’ models are the most popular, because circa 63% of all bicycles sold had a woman’s frame. Moreover, more and more Belgian cyclists buy better quality bikes. The average sales price for an electric bike mounted up to 2,588 euro, which had a positive effect on last year’s turnovers.


Source: Traxio Velo, Shimano, Velofollies and o2o

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