Myth denied: cycling with an e-bike is not cheating

Many cyclists consider cycling with an electrical bicycle as cheating, without any positive effect on the e-biker’s physical condition. Nothing is less true, say researchers at the Bristol University.

Cycling with an e-bike does offer the same advantages as cycling without an electrical engine. The big advantage of an e-bike is that people cover greater distances, over hills where normally they cannot get over without this support. So, there are only advantages.

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The NIHR-financed research, called PEDAL, called upon 18 people suffering from type 2 diabetes, asking them to drive an electrical bike during a couple of months. The overall result was that they got fitter and some of them even lost weight, up to a couple of kilo’s for some individuals. The final result was that participants were so positive about the experience and the advantages that they bought an e-bike at the end of the experiment.

Watch the video made by the Bristol University, explaining how their e-bike experiment changed the participants’ lives.


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