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Here you will find (up-to-date) tips from HR managers and the o2o team on how to start bicycle leasing and keep an active cycling culture alive in your company.

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How to become an ‘Employer of choice’?

4 min leestijd

1. How to become an Employer of choice: image vs. identity To become an attractive employer, you need a strong employer branding. Your employer image and identity are decisive in attracting future employees.  It is important to fully understand this before you start. But what exactly is the difference between the two?  An employer image […]

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4 tips to create a cycling culture within your company

2 min leestijd

#1 No cycling culture without good infrastructure The fundamentals have to be right: provide a safe and comprehensive infrastructure for your cyclists. People are attached to their belongings, especially when it comes to their (usually expensive) lease bicycle. Make sure everyone can leave their bike at a reliable and safe place: Provide a covered, and […]

Tips for employer

How to increase the happiness of your employees?

3 min leestijd

#1 Take their personality into account No two people are alike, and the same goes for your employees. Some people are happy with more freedom, while others are best motivated by more perks on that salary note. Therefore, make sure that you are familiar with the people in your team and that you know what […]

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Bicycle leasing: a fierce weapon in the ‘war on talent’

1 min leestijd

(Just) money can’t buy happiness  Of course, a competitive salary is important to get your foot in the door. But what about making a real difference as a company? Well, that’s what attractive and unique fringe benefits are for. And in addition to meal vouchers and group insurance, bicycle leasing is high on that list […]

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Innovative drying room in UZ Ghent spoils cyclists in the rain

3 min leestijd

UZ Ghent is fan of an active cycling culture, because employees who cycle have a physical and mental advantage. Regular exercise is therefore a major advantage for caregivers who give the best of themselves day in and day out. In addition, traffic and parking problems in and around the hospital are greatly reduced when more […]

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A flourishing cycling culture at BOSS paints in Waregem

2 min leestijd

“Test that bicycle” Before 2015, BOSS paints didn’t do that much around bicycle mobility. A bicycle allowance and free bicycle maintenance twice a year for those who cycled to work at least one day a week. A test event brought change. The employees tested a bicycle for 3 weeks. What turned out? The interest was […]

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Bicycle leasing partnership TVH and o2o runs smoothly

1 min leestijd

For more than four months, TVH employees have been able to lease a bicycle of up to 8,000 euros via their employer, with unlimited choice of bicycle, brand and dealership. “It was precisely because of this flexibility that we decided to opt for o2o”, explains Bram Lannoo, Fleet & Project Coordinator at TVH. “o2o’s user-friendly […]

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The tax benefits of bicycle leasing at a glance

2 min leestijd

Bicycle leasing, that’s fiscally advantageous Bicycle leasing is not about one specific tax benefit. The government provides a diverse range of measures, so that companies can encourage their employees in many different ways to cycle to work more often. Here we go… 1. Benefit in kind Let’s start with the Benefit in Kind (BiK). You […]

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All you need to know about the bicycle allowance

3 min leestijd

Read all about the bicycle allowance: the legislation, the benefits and the practical application.

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Good intentions for 2020: your company on a leased bike!

1 min leestijd

Good intentions: lease a bike! The first in a series of good intentions is to propose a bicycle leasing. There are quite a number of companies that already offer their employees a bicycle leasing. The future of bike leasing also looks prosperous. Each company having its own DNA, the ways in which bicycle leasing can […]

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Safety on the speed pedelec: avoid accidents among your employees.

2 min leestijd

Tips to avoid accidents among your employees. You are never alone on the road, certainly not when you are on your way to or coming back from your work every morning or evening. Therefore it is important to urge your employees to drive safely with a speed pedelec and so avoid accidents in your company. With […]

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New o2o website

1 min leestijd

The last couple of months we have worked hard to get all existing tools under a single roof. We have also invested a lot in still better ease of use and quality. Therefore, we are proud to present to you our renewed website: www.o2o.be At first sight there is the strikingly fresh look, but also […]

Tips for employer

Four good reasons to work on a bicycle policy

3 min leestijd

Cycling is 'in'. Tempted surfing on this fresh wave as an employer? Then get started working on a sound cycling policy. To the benefit of your organisation, your employees and the environment.

Are you looking for a bicycle leasing partner who takes away your worries,develops a clear cycling policy and provides a perfect bicycle leasing service for your employees?