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Here you will find tips on starting up and maintaining a bicycle policy in your company.

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Bicycle leasing partnership TVH and o2o runs smoothly

1 min leestijd

For more than four months, TVH employees have been able to lease a bicycle of up to 8,000 euros via their employer, with unlimited choice of bicycle, brand and dealership. “It was precisely because of this flexibility that we decided to opt for o2o”, explains Bram Lannoo, Fleet & Project Coordinator at TVH. “o2o’s user-friendly […]

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Safety on the speed pedelec: avoid accidents among your employees.

2 min leestijd

Tips to avoid accidents among your employees. You are never alone on the road, certainly not when you are on your way to or coming back from your work every morning or evening. Therefore it is important to urge your employees to drive safely with a speed pedelec and so avoid accidents in your company. With […]

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Good intentions for 2020: your company on a leased bike!

1 min leestijd

Good intentions: lease a bike! The first in a series of good intentions is to propose a bicycle leasing. There are quite a number of companies that already offer their employees a bicycle leasing. The future of bike leasing also looks prosperous. Each company having its own DNA, the ways in which bicycle leasing can […]

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New o2o website

1 min leestijd

The last couple of months we have worked hard to get all existing tools under a single roof. We have also invested a lot in still better ease of use and quality. Therefore, we are proud to present to you our renewed website: At first sight there is the strikingly fresh look, but also […]

Tips for companies

Four good reasons to work on a bicycle policy

3 min leestijd

Cycling is 'in'. Tempted surfing on this fresh wave as an employer? Then get started working on a sound cycling policy. To the benefit of your organisation, your employees and the environment.

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