What makes bike leasing fiscally advantageous? We have put together all the information on the tax benefits of bicycle leasing in a nice overview... especially for you.

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Don’t agree with the current fuel prices? Then simply change pumps.

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#1 You don’t have to spend money on fuel Let’s start with the most obvious advantage of the bicycle: its usage is free. You don’t have to fill up every month and spend fortunes on fuel, which means you’ll save a serious amount of money every month while cycling. The only thing your bike needs […]

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With a bicycle allowance, the lease amount for your company bicycle is quickly recovered

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A lease bicycle through your work, accessible for everyone   Following a survey among 2,000 working Belgians, Acerta and the research bureau Indiville establish that the bicycle is rapidly gaining ground in commuter traffic. The results show that 28 per cent of Belgians are interested in leasing a bicycle through their employer. For 49 per […]

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How much does a lease bicycle cost?

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What is bicycle leasing? When you lease a bicycle, you actually rent a bicycle on a long term with an option to take it over. In most cases, this involves a period of 3 years. When this period is over and the lease contract has ended, the driver has the option to buy the bicycle. […]

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The tax benefits of bicycle leasing at a glance

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Bicycle leasing, that’s fiscally advantageous Bicycle leasing is not about one specific tax benefit. The government provides a diverse range of measures, so that companies can encourage their employees in many different ways to cycle to work more often. Here we go… 1. Benefit in kind Let’s start with the Benefit in Kind (BiK). You […]

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