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As an HR manager, are you always searching for ideas to increase the happiness of your team? Take a look into our inspiring tips and initiatives and welcome only happy and satisfied employees (on their bike, of course).

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How do you become an ‘employer-of-choice’?

2 min leestijd

Image vs. identity  So. You want to work on your employer brand. Great! The first step is to get a good grip on your employer image and your employer identity. But what’s the difference between the two?  An employer’s image is the perception of the organisation that exists amongst both insiders and outsiders. It is […]

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The tax benefits of bicycle leasing at a glance

2 min leestijd

Bicycle leasing, that’s fiscally advantageous Bicycle leasing is not about one specific tax benefit. The government provides a diverse range of measures, so that companies can encourage their employees in many different ways to cycle to work more often. Here we go… 1. Benefit in kind Let’s start with the Benefit in Kind (BiK). You […]

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