Bicycle allowance

Everything you need to know about the bicycle allowance. You know, that handy kilometre allowance that the employer pays to employees who commute all or part of their time by bicycle.

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All you need to know about the bicycle allowance

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Are you sporty and do you like to get a breath of fresh air before starting a busy working day? Then cycling to and from work is the ideal way for you to get around. On top of that, you often get a bicycle allowance or bicycle lease contract from your employer. This way, you will eventually earn back the cost of your bicycle. And it doesn’t matter whether you ride a roaring racing bike, a handy cargo bike or a fast speed pedelec. The bicycle allowance is available for every type of cyclist.

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The benefits of hitting the road sustainably

2 min leestijd

Flexibility in terms of fringe benefits One good turn deserves another. And in most cases, that also applies if you decide to leave your car at home. Or, in other words: when you as an employee opt for sustainable mobility, you often get the option of choosing a flexible mobility package in exchange. Did you […]

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Don’t agree with the current fuel prices? Then simply change pumps.

3 min leestijd

#1 You don’t have to spend money on fuel Let’s start with the most obvious advantage of the bicycle: its usage is free. You don’t have to fill up every month and spend fortunes on fuel, which means you’ll save a serious amount of money every month while cycling. The only thing your bike needs […]

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The tax benefits of bicycle leasing at a glance

2 min leestijd

Bicycle leasing, that’s fiscally advantageous Bicycle leasing is not about one specific tax benefit. The government provides a diverse range of measures, so that companies can encourage their employees in many different ways to cycle to work more often. Here we go… 1. Benefit in kind Let’s start with the Benefit in Kind (BiK). You […]

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